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Sunset & Sexy

Thursday 4-15-2021 evening/night-Boozey Beach Meet & Greet

Day #1-Thursday Night Boozey Beach & Dirty Games (General admission)

For the early birds we’ll get the party started by hitting Venice Beach for dinner & drinks and then sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. When we get back to the hotel we can play dirty games and get to know each other! This is the time for us to come out of our shells and warm up!

Tribe Tattoo

Day#2-Friday Tribe Tattoo @ Burning Lotus (first 50? to sign up get this event)

We’ll hit Burning Lotus Tattoos and get small commemorative tattoos to celebrate our time together at High Octane. The shop will be dedicated to us for the day and they’ll get as many of us in as they can (within reason-50?)

Fire & Ice Party

4-16-2021 Friday Night the Fire & Ice Party followed by the Clubhouse Crawl (Attending author/VIP & VIP escorted ONLY)

With fresh ink we'll hit the hotel restaurant Wave Grill for late lunch/dinner from the menu, or you can choose the all you can eat Friday night fish fry (fried, blackened, or baked.) There are other restaurants nearby (sit in and fast food if you'd prefer.)

At 5:00 (ish) the Fire & Ice Party will begin at the hotel. I'm so excited to do this for y'all in everything oh so hot--and icy cold! The ideas I've got so far are almost too much for me to keep quiet about, but I want it to pack a fiery punch! The drinks will be flowing, the music (live or DJ TBD) will be jamming and we'll dance and rock out to great music either way!

Members of multiple MCs (TBA) will join us (maybe multiple chapters of some.) There will also be a few specific photo areas, but the entire room will be fit for pics, vids, and live feeds. Dress up if you want (I know I will . . . okay, my dress up is blingy biker Barbie, so I'll dress up ish) or dress down. It's the Gulf Coast and we're not all that fancy. The party will go from 5-8 (ish) and then if you're still in the mood we'll hit one of the clubhouses and party some more and work our way back to the hotel.

All drinks at the hotel will be strictly for the hotel. During Fire & Ice we'll be doing raffle baskets for one of the other clubs who support veterans and law enforcement.

Clubhouse Crawl

4-16-2021 Friday Night the Clubhouse Crawl (Attending author/VIP & VIP escorted ONLY)


If you're still ready to party we'll hit one of the clubhouses less than a mile away from the hotel and have more fun & drinks with the guys in their house.

This will be inside & outside, but the weather is generally mild in April.

The drinks at the clubhouse will be donations for law enforcement and the community.

The Main Event! Signing!

Day #3- Big Event! 11-NOON VIP ONLY Noon-4PM VIP and General admission

Author Signing!

Meet, greet, and have a blast with your favorite authors, bloggers, and readers in the M.C. romance world at the Venice Community Center ballroom!

Get a pile of books signed by your favorite authors and some of their cover models, as well as, oodles of swag, contests, raffles, and prizes!

the Fuel Stop Saloon

The Fuel Stop Saloon

will be our full liquor bar. All donations from any drinks (alcoholic /non-alcoholic) will benefit B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) There will also be raffle baskets that benefit them too!

There are a couple of surprises and plans in the works (if I haven't let the cat out of the bag already!)

Sparkle & Sass Diamond Plate Bash!

**Sparkle & Sass Diamond Plate Bash** After Party

(Information for this will be announced soon!)

Attending author/VIP & VIP escorted ONLY event)

This event will be the time to sparkle with biker chick sass (dudes, you can sparkle too if you really want to.) It will be at a clubhouse with live music and food for sure!

There are some things with occupancy that will determine how the ticket sales will go on this. There will also be a GA after party at the hotel or at Hoosier Bar 7 miles north of the hotel.


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