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How hot would it have to be to overheat the Sunshine State? 'Cause we're doin' that!

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

high-oc·tane /ˈhī ˈˌäktān/

adjective adjective: high-octane powerful or dynamic. While everyone is going all Doomsday Preppers and preparing for Hurricane Dorian, I'm scheming and wondering 'Just how hot can we make the Sunshine State in 2021?'

It's a long way out--I know--but in author book signing time it's only a blink away.

What are these grand plots you might ask? All I can say is it's not going to be an author signing--it's going to be an experience fit for M.C. authors and readers. High Octane 2021 will be a bash to dive into and feel what it's like to be around the kinds of people you love to write and read about, with a bunch of peeps who make the wheels in this indie book community roll (that's all of us! Authors/readers/bloggers!)

You know you wanna! Once I get the venue nailed down I'll make make it public, but no matter where we end up, it won't be in a hotel ballroom. Have you ever seen a biker in a hotel ballroom? (Okay, that's not a fair question, I've been in ballrooms, so yeah . . . but you get the gist.)

I can say this--it's going to be at least four days of partying with some of the coolest authors in M.C. romance (or the M.C. genre.)

Thursday night--BIKE NIGHT for the early birds.

Friday night--Get to know everyone--Dinner, drinks, music

Saturday--The main event! Meet all the authors, get all the books and swag and get ready for the doors to be blown off by the roaring sound of Harleys and live music! If you like to party we've got you covered! THIS will be the BASH! THIS will be the pre-party AND after-party until 10:00 pm. We need to be up for biker church in the morning, but I bet the hotel will be rockin'!

Sunday--For the die hards who are still holdin' strong (you are my tribe!) Sunday Funday at the BEST BIKER BAR in the area!

Once I can give more solid info I'll post the secret Facebook group link, all the info, and who the attending authors will be!

So, grab your bandanas, vests if you've got 'em, jeans, and comfy boots--you're gonna need 'em! I guarantee this is gonna be badass!

B.B. Blaque Biker Chicklette

X <3 X


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