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Crack the Throttle for High Octane!

What's an author to do when they have writer's block and are distracted by a totally bad ass event? Focus on the event of course!

Yep! That's what I've been doing--I've been putting my energies to good use and planning everything High Octane. There's a shit-ton of research to do with one of these events and I'm all about that kind of thing! I've been designing the graphics to use on all the swag--THAT is the fun part! I've designed totes, sunglasses, bracelets, koozies, shot glasses, stadium cups, and just about anything else I can imagine.

I've also been crunching the numbers like a mad woman on alcohol calculators to make sure there will be enough for 500 people (yep, at least that seems to be a reasonable estimate!) I've been breaking down the number of shots and beers that will be "sold" for donations to B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) and let me tell you--it is the best use of alcohol I can think of! If all of my calculating is correct (and I'm trusting the actual calculator for that) there should be about 900 shots/mixed drinks, 1000 jello shots, 1250 cans of beer, and 1600 bottles of water up for donations.

In the midst of this I've been collecting names of interested authors, bloggers, readers, photographers, and volunteers on an interest form. The response has me jumping in my boots for joy! Okay, I may also be a little nervous and much too excited to have to wait until 2021 for this! If it weren't for all the pesky planning to get it right I'd wish it was next weekend!

I've also been scouting area bands and checking out their talent and prices for the event. I have a few front runners and will be posting them in the Author and/or attendee group for feedback. This just gives me those "Oh, twist my arm! If I gotta . . ." moments because I get to do more of what I love to do--go hang out at bike nights and bike events and listen to music. Oh, and it also allows me to go into serious training mode--4 days of partying with my wonderful author/reader/blogger friends needs Olympic style party training. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it! Authors will start getting announced in January 2020 and as spaces fill up I'll make them public. I gotta say though, I've had some SERIOUSLY AWESOME authors showing interest and a few that will be new to a lot of people as well since they're brand spanking new!

There will be a cap on ticket sales (not sure when I'll put them up) but 50 VIP tickets will be sold as well as 200 general admission. With the authors, PAs, models, bloggers etc. and what is possibly 100 bikers we should hit the ceiling of 500. Who's ready to party with their favorites? Just remember . . . if you didn't fall or crawl you didn't try hard enough!

XOXOX B.B. Blaque/Biker Chicklette

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