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And now . . . a word from our sponsors

We have a couple of fabulous hosts for High Octane already--the Enforcers MC Sarasota County Chapter will be hosting our two clubhouse parties--Friday night's (4/16/21) Clubhouse Crawl and Saturday's night's after party (4/17/21) the Sparkle & Sass Diamond Plate Bash. I never have a bad time when I go there and I expect these two nights to top all of them (and THAT is a lot). No pressure lol. The list of attending authors for both nights can be found in the High Octane VIP Wix App. (I think I'm hungover just reading it, but the hangover would be for a great cause, so there's that!) The other club that will be hosting us--or benefiting from us is TBA. Scroll down to read more . . .

Our other host is The Ramada by Wyndam Venice Hotel Venezia. Our Sunset & Sexy will be there, our Fire & Ice Party (just OMG) will be held there, and the alternate parties on Friday & Saturday will be there. I'm sure they're gonna love us! I think somewhere in there we might get some sleep even (maybe.) I believe they will also be sponsoring some stuff for the raffle baskets as well. Kiki Reader PA Services and More--Kristin Youngblood--is coming up with amazing ideas for ways to sponsor. I love the way she thinks! Reaper's Mother Reads MC Romance isn't too shabby herself, and has been in this with me almost from the git go. I'm sure you'll see her name/logo on some of the stuff you take home with you. Burning Lotus Tattoo will be sponsoring Tribe Tattoo and is even dedicating the shop to this crazy group of chicks (and dudes)--God bless them! They even said they'd be adding some art to a raffle basket. I'm totally stoked to see what they come up with for us! I'll keep y'all posted on sponsors and hosts as I get them. We're all excited and wondering where April 2021 is already!

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